When Scourge of Kislev met XoO

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    I sat on a rock over looking the field of battle. The empire soldiers that had opposed us lay scattered like little broken dollies on the basin floor. The blood colored light of the sun shone down upon their corpses and glistened off their armor. Thelkus and Lupe, the shaman twins, gibbered as they tried to avoid being crushed under my boots as we picked our way through the spoils.

    Neither the dwarfs or humans had been able to stop our warband as we slashed our way through the Empire's northern reaches. We have been circling this area for days and the pickings are slim, yet I can't bring myself to leave.... its as if something earth shattering is going to happen. My pet shamans have been growing more agitated every day, they sense it as well.

    In the distance there is horns, blaring horns.... not those of the Empire or their Dwarf allies though. This has a much more menacing undertone, and the sound of hooves and... is that flapping? I had the boys ready themselves and I rode out in front of them on my war boar, the twin shamans dangling from my saddle straps.

    A massive host crossed before us, a sea of red and black led by a monster of a being entered into Kislev from the chaos wasteland. A winged demon floated over head... this is what we had been waiting for. The leader dismounted and strode towards me and I felt as if his eyes were burning into my soul, my boar grunted and began to shy away. I quickly dismounted before I made a fool of myself, weakness in the eyes of this being would be fatal.

    The winged figure called out to me: "You have been blessed to hold witness to the Warhost of Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways. Ironjaw, you have been summoned here to serve a higher calling. Join us or you shall perish as those before you."

    I could not respond for fear of losing my voice, I merely gave a nod and a grunt in agreement.

    The demonic figure cocked its bird like head to the side and glanced at me again. A spell trickled on its finger tips then faded. It lept into the air and the warhost began moving again. The plate covered figured approached again. This time he spoke "I am Steelshanks, Chosen of Slaanesh. You will be under my command... now get that scum you call "ladz" to the back of the line before I feed you to the dogs."

    I shot him a steely gaze which he steadily returned, I would not be so easily shone up by the likes of him but I would do as he commanded. I called out to the lads "Come on boyz, itz time."

    As the gits made their way to the back I rode up along side the chosen, refusing to be treated as a grunt. This time he just looked forward, a look of amusement and almost respect on his face.

    (as noted on the WAR forums I suck at translating into orcish and I could not find a translator online I liked so I left as is)