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    Oct 16, 2019
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    How old are you?:
    Do you have a working mic?:
    Are you aware that we prefer you to be in comms (Discord/TS) while in game at the very least when doing guild activities? (Don’t have to be talking, can be on mute)::
    What experiences do you have with being part of a guild/team in MMO games/online games in general?:
    Top pvp guilds in ESO, then moved to BDO and also in top guilds like BlackRose and Vertex.
    What experiences do you have within Archeage if any? Been apart of any large achievements?:
    Not really much. Never liked the p2w (played BDO lul) so never bothered playing. Now with unchained though, I'm loving the game and eager to learn/progress.
    Are you aware that as a guild, on launch we will be playing as a guild and doing things for the guild to get ahead of our competitors and make OUR guild members life easier in the long run?:
    Are you a lone wolf player or team player? explain::
    Team player. Love seeing other progress with me, as it makes progressing on your own really fun too! Get to compare gear, skills, buffs, etc. and learn more this way too.
    Do you have any idea on what class/professions you would like to play?:
    How many hours will you be able to play per week, knowing that we ask for at least 20-ish hours a week (unless you have personal reasons. We aren't satans here we understand you have a life…..maybe?):
    usually like 25 hours/ week depending on my schedule
    What time zone / time do you tend to play?:
    All depends. Sometimes very early in the morning and a lot of times a bit later in the day. all depends.
    Where did you hear about XOO? Discord/Forums/Person (whom?):
    Why would you like to join Xen of Onslaught?:
    Seems like a legit guild with knowledgeable players and a fun place to be while playing AA.
    Have you applied to join the USER GROUP?:
    Join the discord here:
    Joined (Sativa)