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    Hey Xoobies!!!

    We finally have the site back again! There was some hiccup with the domain and took us a while to flesh it all out. Yet in this time we have had the chance to grow elsewhere, on Discord!

    If you haven't taken the time please go ahead and join the discord and let us know who you are and maybe link your profile to help press things along.

    As for what we have up and coming we will be trying to participate in all new releases coming out in some form.

    Elyon is coming at the end of the month, created by the guys that Archeage fired and some other developers. Many options to builds, PVP, and other adventures that are being readded to the game after the first test run they did of this a few years back. (The combat was clunky as shit, now its much better)

    New World is coming as well, and hopefully, you have been beta testing this weekend. The game is very different to someone like me, yet there seem to be tons of crafting that can be done and an open-world feel. Mage is leading the division with Silent Warriors, to take some of the burdens of the leadership here in XOO. So be respectful and go kick some ass.

    As for the other, I think 6 games. I will be discussing them more as they come closer to launch. Yet these two are right on the verge of launching. See you all soon in DISCORD!!!

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    I am Mage, I have been a member of XOO since 2010-2011 or so. I am also the owner of Silent Warriors Gaming. Kyoji and I go back a bit and TSW & XOO have worked together in many games and basically have been sister communities for a long while now.

    I will be heading up our adventure in New World and look forward to meeting those of you I have not and working together to dominate yet another game.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me in Discord. Hope to see you all in New World!