Guild History

the Beginning

Xen of Onslaught is a multi-tiered gaming syndicate established prior to the release of SOE's Planetside in 2002, an MMOFPS designed for what, at the time, was considered rather rare in the online gaming arena: world-scale FPS gameplay.

The guild began as a relatively small but dedicated group of gamers that connected with one another through their anticipation for what was rumored to be an unrivaled game in terms of its proportions. As a consequence, some of the guild's foundational blocks were formed from a pivotal piece of understanding: in a digital arena of any real magnitude, potential for victory had to be gained through a real edge. Various levels of strategy, military-style communication protocols, routine training, a balanced approach to the apportioning of the outfit, and a fairly rigid approach to in-game conduct were just some of the seminal elements of XoO's signature strategic "edge" - each of which now assists in defining the facets of it's contemporary gaming umbrella.

Despite this pooling of technique and tactics, however, there was a more significant and less tactile component to XoO's emergence as to what the Planetside community, to this day, will undoubtedly confirm as one of the few superpower forces in the game. In fact, not only is it the primary cause behind the old outfit's dedication, it is the linchpin of the entire syndicate; from its communication infrastructure, to its guild funding, to its in and out of game behavior, to its disciplinary procedures, to the recruitment process, to the promotional process, to it's sense of trust, to each swing of a weapon or shot fired in any of it's various games.

Its togetherness.

the Community

Xen of Onslaught is and always has been a community above all else. Games are supposed to be fun. And though after eight years of playing as a whole this may have sunk to subconscious level for some of its members, no action, no matter how small, is ever made without taking this into account. Everyone has something to contribute, everybody a niche, and whether it be running for a leadership role, a creative skillset, a monetary donation, or just a favor for a guildmate, every little bit sees appreciation. And every member is expected to give it, when they can, in return.

As it has grown and changed, XoO has seen the likes of many a game. Starting in Planetside, XoO afterwards expanded to SOE's Star Wars Galaxies. Later it took on other smaller FPS games like America's Army and variations of Unreal Tournament. Much later this grew to incorporate larger games like Battefield 1942, BF 2142, Call of Duty 4, BF Bad Company 2, and others.

the Legacy

XoO's presence in the MMORPG world has been signifcant, with divisions in games such as Age of Conan, Guild Wars, Rising Force Online, Eve, Aion, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Hellgate London, Warhammer Online, Aion, Darkfall, and various others.

Our Guild Wars division participated in the Guild Wars 2006 world championship tournament and was one of 8 U.S. based guilds to participate. Various divisions and even the syndicate as a whole have been interviewed and praised by a number of websites including,,,, Mythic Entertainment, and others.

We have had members from all over the U.S. and many European countries as well. And across its numerous divisions XoO has made countless game firsts and world exploits. We also have had special testing status provided by developers and publishers to test various features about their game and provide quality feedback.

Today Xen of Onslaught has generally anywhere from 5-8 divisions at the supported level (meaning they have reached a level of size, leadership, and organization that the guild formally acknowledges them as active).

If you consider yourself someone who wants more than your usual splurge of quick-fix guilds where you need to find a new guild for every new game or the guild just can't compete and dies out then come check us out.