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Nov 16, 2009
Jun 22, 2008
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Nov 16, 2009
    1. AzureB
      I <3 HP too!
    2. AzureB
      Mmmmm milo....
    3. neilly
      Hello I am a new member and are now wondering how to get into guild wars under the exo banner. Who do i chat to? who can help me with vent.
    4. angelicbeauty21
      Happy Be-Lated Birthday Girly!! *hugs*
    5. Diarkana
      I just stepped down, darlin'.
      I feel it's fair to the guild to have a leader who can and will give it the time it needs. As I have told most of the Guild, I have a fair bit on my plate at the moment, and it will be ever-increasing.
      But neverfear! I am still here!
    6. Hellbound
      Whoa whoa whoa... I just saw the post, and since I haven't been on GW in a while (on account of my busted laptop) I have no idea what's going on..... did you quit GW, or did you just step down as leader?
    7. angelicbeauty21
      I miss you!!!!!
    8. Youngg Blood
      Youngg Blood
      hello just wondering how things are=]
    9. Diarkana
      LOL My kids are on school holidays atm, so I may not be on as often as I'd like. It has been great; they have been fishing, movies, Christmas shopping, parks; and this all in the first week! We plan to do it all again next week (except for the Christmas shopping; I don't think I could do it again so soon!).
    10. AzureB
      The one and only :)

      Am showing you net luv, cause you deserve it chika! Keep up the good work!
    11. Xamiazi
      hi, what part of the GW division r u associated with? The old XoO that stayed or the one that went to that UGG alliance? I was interested in getting back into GW again for casual pvp - i have tons of GvG/HA exp and was in XoO main for a while until they went dead :(
    12. Hellbound
      Hi there! Um, I was just wondering... where does one find the application template on this site? My friend wants to join XoO, but I can't find the template to direct him here for a proper application..... :(
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