Destiny 2 Forsaken Expansion

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    Riot's Comments:

    + New weapon system has a ton of options (positive) for variations
    + New raid (the raids are certainly the high point of any Destiny experience) but this is almost baseline (I do like the focus on bosses again rather than challenges like Gauntlet or Dogs for example).
    + Random rolls again (a big breath of fresh air into getting duplicates)
    + Finally a decent collections/ingame achievements

    - Strikes/Story likely to be still subpar or fairly unengaging
    - PvPvE still suffers from Sandbox issues but at least lessens the impact
    - Still tons of broken systems with nothing explained (sandbox, mod system, D1 still having a better class system than D2)
    -- This game is still going to die with Destiny 3 coming out and that thought makes me want to vomit all over again. We would be in so much of a better place if they committed to a game as a service.

    The amount of time I have for dedicated gaming wavers quite of bit these days with the little one. Sleep patterns are getting better but I still spend a good amount of my time playing with my wife in other games/sports/other offline hobbies. Destiny 2 has been a pretty mixed bag for me with lots of highs (raiding with Xen both lair/lev) or doing Nightfalls but lots of broken or bad system that put a damper on fun. WoW has also been a massive timesink with Legion being a fairly fantastic experience overall. With BfA coming up, it is hard to play multiple games.

    What did others think of the reveal?

    Overall; I think it would have been an instant order for me if Destiny 2 was healthier for longer but it feels like the ship has just started to turn around in the last month (Warmind, Faction Rally, event in July) that it is hard to not be hesitant.
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    Basically I feel like this expansion is a huge improvement over the way the game has been. That being said, I'm not certain at this point that it isn't too little to late. I do hope this breathes some new life in to the game, but I'll hold off to see the game a while after this expansion and see if it's worth returning to at that point.
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    I think the new expansion fixes the majority of complaints players have had so far with the game. I like the idea that each mini DLC through the year will add to the main storyline now for that year, rather than being completely separate and overall boring. Oh, and I am looking forward to the 9 new supers being added to the game too for even more variety.